Mission & Vision


The Landerholmstead is a sustainable agriculture site that educates on resiliency techniques, self-sufficiency, and alternative housing operations. Indiscriminately, The Landerholmstead recruits individuals for work exchanges and provides food, housing, and other natural resources as payment for their services. Surpluses are donated to those in need.



Through natural practices and fueled by permaculture philosophies, The Landerholmstead explores, educates, and provides resources for alternative living solutions that will last generations. Much of this social work involves encouraging behavioral changes that will result in a resilient and symbiotic future for people and the environment. It also requires reaching out to demographics that are often misunderstood: homeless, disabled, recovered addicts, former inmates, LGBTQIA, gender non-conforming, and those who wish to live an alternative lifestyle. By developing productive community farms, The Landerholmstead serves both global and local communities.

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